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We can help you meet renewable energy requirements and clean air mandates while still delivering competitively priced electricity to your customers.

Clean, Reliable, and Cost Effective

Over 1 gigawatt of wind energy installed from coast-to-coast across the United States.

Over 2 gigawatts of solar installed across the world.
SunEdison Milford Wind Project, Milford, UT // 306 MW
SunEdison Cohocton Wind Project, Cohocton, NY // 125 MW
SunEdison Kaheawa Wind Project, Maui, USA // 51 MW
SunEdison Atacama Solar Project, Chile // 100 MW
SunEdison Regulus Solar Project, CA, USA // 78 MW
SunEdison Spectrum Solar Project, NV, USA // 37.5 MW
Custom Solutions
Designed with flexibility

Every customer and situation is unique. By working closely with you to understand your needs, our team of experts will design a custom solution that reliably delivers clean energy at a highly competitive price.

Solar farm
End-to-end attention to detail
Professional grade planning and execution
Site Analysis

Expert meteorological and environmental teams determine if a site is suitable for a renewable energy project.

Community Engagement

Local development teams engage with the community, meeting with neighbors, local leaders and others to understand local needs and address any questions.

Permitting and Interconnection

Developers work with local, state and federal authorities to secure all necessary permits.


Skilled engineers design the project to be minimally invasive to the environment, utilizing existing infrastructure and roadways whenever possible.


Construction crews perform the hard work of installing the project.

Operation and Maintenance / Asset Management

Our first-class operations and management team takes over after the construction is complete. They operate the project for maximum efficiency and remain in the local community.

Clean Energy with zero up-front costs
Power Purchase Agreements

If you prefer to own your own installations, we can design, build, and provide operations and maintenance services to meet your requirements. If you prefer to put your capital to work in other ways, a Power Purchase Agreement or PPA is often the best solution. With a SunEdison PPA, you agree to purchase the power generated at a fixed cost, and that’s it. SunEdison or its subsidiary TerraForm Power will often retain ownership of the system once it’s up and running. You enjoy the benefits of a diverse energy portfolio, and we do the rest. And because we own the system, we’re as invested as you are in its performance.

Additional Opportunities To Save

We also take into account Renewable Energy Credits (RECs). We maintain extensive relationships with the institutions that buy and sell RECs and can often pass the savings on to you in the form of a reduced PPA price.

The power
We promise

At SunEdison, we own and operate the majority of the systems we install. So we’re driven to get the most out of our solar systems. And that means you’ll get all the power you need and expect.

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Wind Solutions
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Experience Matters

With over 1025 megawatts of operating wind projects powered by 539 wind turbines, we’ve demonstrated our ability to deliver reliable, low cost energy safely and responsibly while also providing significant economic benefits to host communities. Our successful track record also reflects the focus we place on environmental stewardship in the design, construction and operation of our facilities.

Plan for the Long Term

Since the commissioning of our first wind farm in 2006, we’ve been developing wind energy projects to meet the needs of customers and utilities across the United States. We’ve developed and built some of the industry’s leading wind projects, and today these same projects are maintained by our first-class operations team. SunEdison is committed to building and maintaining a meaningful, long-term presence in our host communities — that’s why so many SunEdison employees remain and become a part of the community.

A track record of success
Milford Wind, UT, USA
A track record of success
Cohocton Wind, NY
A track record of success
Stetson Wind, ME, USA
A track record of success
Steel Winds, NY, USA
A track record of success
Mars Hill Wind, ME, USA
A track record of success
Sheffield Wind, VT, USA
Solar Solutions
Explore Solar
Experience Matters

There’s a lot to know when it comes to solar. From selecting the optimal site to asset management, it takes an expert. That’s why we’re here. Our team has delivered over 2 gigawatts of solar around the world.

Plan for the Long Term

SunEdison was founded in 1959, and today we maintain the largest operating portfolio of solar systems in the world backed by the industry’s most sophisticated hardware and software monitoring platform. We know how to maintain the performance of a solar power plant and ensure that it is operating efficiently not just today, but 25 years from now.

A track record of success
Atacama, Chile
A track record of success
Regulus, CA, USA
A track record of success
Rovigo, Italy
A track record of success
Cascade, CA, USA
A track record of success
Lakeland, FL, USA
A track record of success
Castle Eaton, UK
A track record of success
Pitworthy, UK
A track record of success
Campania, Italy
A track record of success
Castelvolturno, Italy
for every utility
Investor-owned utilities

Delivering a solid return to investors while meeting the demands of other stakeholders is not an easy task. Customers and regulators want low-cost, reliable electric power delivery. At the same time, utilities face compliance mandates, Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) requirements or complex options to purchase local renewable energy.

The smart deployment of solar energy can help address this challenge. SunEdison has extensive experience helping investor-owned utilities affordably and effectively add solar to their portfolios. Our approach is innovative, agile, and flexible. We work with our utility partners to maximize value and meet their goals.

Investor Owned Utilities
Municipal utilities
Municipal utilities face an array of potentially conflicting objectives. On the one hand, you’re tasked with meeting sustainability goals and supporting local economic development and job creation, while on the other hand, you’re challenged to reduce costs. We can help ensure these objectives are not in conflict. No one has more experience helping municipal utilities add renewable solar energy to their portfolios.
Investor Owned Utilities
Cooperative utilities

Cooperative utilities (or co-ops) depend on cost-effective energy from diverse, local sources. Members demand low costs, high reliability, and increasing use of renewable energy sources to meet Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) requirements as well as community goals. At the same time, more customers are demanding clean, renewable energy.

Solar energy can help to address a co-op’s energy and community needs simultaneously by providing a local energy resource that can benefit the local economy.

Investor Owned Utilities

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