JUN 2015
Welcome to the New SunEdison Blog


Greetings from the entire SunEdison team and welcome to our blog!

We’re thrilled to launch this blog at a point when renewable energy is enjoying the kind of exponential growth that the Internet experienced back in the 1990’s.

Although different countries around the world are still in vastly different stages of adopting renewable energy, there’s no longer any doubt renewables will play a key role in meeting our world’s growing energy needs. In fact, it’s becoming clear that renewable energy is no longer just about any one particular technology or ideology. It’s actually a transformative global movement.

In that spirit, SunEdison wanted to create a content hub that could serve as a place to highlight the full range of our work.  From the large, utility scale solar power plants we’re building in India, Chile, and California to the rooftop installations we’re putting on schools, universities, and businesses — SunEdison is involved in a uniquely broad range of renewable energy projects including wind power, hydroelectric power, and energy storage.

In addition to wanting to share these projects with you, we wanted a content hub that would reflect the inclusive and distinctly international nature of SunEdison as a company.

Our goal is to make renewable energy accessible to everyone and in our blog, we intend to highlight not only our progress, but also some of the challenges we encounter along the way. We’ll also be incorporating the voices and perspectives of the people in communities near our projects as well as stories about how their lives have been changed by renewable energy. We’re thrilled you’re on this journey with us. If you have a story of your own that you’d like to share, please feel free to get in touch. We’ll see you along the way.