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NOV 2015

Think the U.S. military is an unlikely candidate for using renewable energy? Think again. A former Air Force logistics expert and SunEdison senior recruiting manager explains exactly why the U.S. military is embracing renewables. 

OCT 2015

What are the most important trends shaping solar today? The industry’s single largest event is a good place to find out. Here’s a quick, bird’s eye roundup of the trends and themes that ran through Solar Power International this year.

SEP 2015

Recently I volunteered with GRID Alternatives for a solar installation with a low income family in California. The event was full of high-energy fellow volunteers from SunEdison and GRID Alternatives, a non-profit organization that makes solar technology accessible to low-income communities. 

JUL 2015

When a household gains access to electricity for the first time, it's a boon to the entire family, but some studies show that electricity can elevate the quality of life for women and girls in particular. Find out how. 


JUL 2015

In late April this year a massive 7.8-magnitude earthquake in Nepal killed more than 8,000 people and injured another 18,000 people. Nepal was hit by a second quake in early May. Together, the quakes leveled much of Kathmandu and left an estimated 1.4 million Nepalese people in need of help.

In the wake of the quake, SunEdison donated 20 rural kits (a kind of small solar generator) to Nepal and worked with SunFarmer, a non-profit organization, to implement them where they were needed most. Here are some of the most important ways solar can help after a natural disaster happens. 

JUN 2015

The Greentech Media Solar Summit focuses on big trends in the solar industry, so it’s is an ideal place to hear what’s on the minds of leaders in clean energy.

Our CEO Ahmad Chatila was at the most recent summit, and participated in one of the fireside chat sessions with Greentech’s SVP of Research, Shayle Kann. It’s not unusual of course for speakers’ comments to be Tweeted by audience members, but a few minutes after the session started, we noticed Twitter was more astir than usual. Just exactly what did Ahmad say that got the audience so animated? Here’s a shortlist.